Thursday, June 01, 2006

Decisions, Decisions

Isn't that what life's all about? Here I am getting ready to have a moving sale this weekend with tons of things to do.. I'm going through closets, drawers, the garage, basement and every where else I can find things to get rid of.. I figured if we're going to make a new start in a new state, then it's time to clean things up and make Peter is having a ball with this being he's the non rat packer, me I save EVERYTHING! He's teaching me though, but I'll never let him know that I actaully love his way of thinking.. He's right when he says why do we need this if we haven't seen or used it over 6 months.. I guess when things get pushed to the back you forget about them.. So with this in mind, everything I'm getting rid of are things we haven't seen or used in 6 months or more.. Guess what, the house will be empty then...lmao I'll be calling my cousin to see what the kids are doing this weekend, this way I can have them here helping, and besides they'll be surprised when they see the pool open..:) I keep everyone informed.. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I'm so bad at this...

I keep forgetting to update my blog until I seen Jeanne's challenge to get Well, here I am updating all the information of my World.. Thanks Jeanne for getting me motivated..:)

Things in my world have absolutely been NUTS to say the least.. May 15th I was thrown into the hospital after a Doctors visit that afternoon.. He told me that I had a very bad infection throughout my body which traveled into my blood stream. It turns out the lump I had, had gotten worse even though I was on heavy antibiotics for 2 weeks, so there was no choice in the matter.. That night the Doctors drained this area and they told me that if this hadn't been done it wouldn't have been a good outcome.. Thank God they caught this in time! I was in the hospital for 3 days, then on total bed rest for two weeks until they removed the drain.. Last Friday, I had a follow up visit and it seems that I'm normal again... Ok Ladies, maybe not normal, but close to I was told to take it easy for a few weeks until I completely heal, so I'm following Doctors orders for the 1st time in my life... I guess being scared to death will do that, huh?

Well, on the BRIGHT side of things, Peter and I SOLD the house! YAY!! We're going into contract this week, and we'll be closing on the house within 60 days.. I guess it's time to get moving with the house hunting in Maine.. We've made a schedule with the Maine Real Estate agent to view houses each weekend until we find the one we want.. We already have 4 houses lined up to look at next weekend.. Peter and I found them online and we're looking forward to actually seeing them in person.. Each property has a mountain view, access to the lake and all have no less then 10 acres of property.. The dogs will LOVE this ~ Not to mention Peter with the lake so he can fish his heart out, and me with the views.. I think I've died and gone to heaven...:) This is what life should be like, living in peace without the hussle and bussle of traffic and rude people on a daily basis.. Did I say, I can't wait to move? Yes, I think I

Friday, April 28, 2006

It's amazing how fast the weeks go..

Who wouldn't love the serenity of this, especially after living in New York?

I can't believe this week is over already, and it's been almost that long since last checking in.. I'm not complaining, mind you! I'm actually loving it, and I'm really enjoying the weather we've been having for the last several days.. It feels wonderful being able to get out of work at 2:00 pm and still have an entire day to enjoy.

Peter and I have been looking at property in Maine and I think we found the one we want.. We're going there next weekend to meet with the owners and to see how close we are to the REAL The property is 23 acres with trails, woods and mountains, but we need to make sure it has enough flat land to build the log house, and that we're close enough to receive electric from the main streets.. From the information they provided and the pictures we seen, it looks like another world ~ God is it beautiful!

When we finally make this move, it's going to be so different then the life I'm used too.. After all, living in New York all my life, it's brought the fast paced living, and not to mention the Peter has shown me that there's so much more to life then working our butts off to pay everyone else, instead of really enjoying what's right in front of us..

Saturday, April 22, 2006

The weekend is finally here, and it's great to be home relaxing instead of running around like chickens without a Even though it's raining, cloudy and the wind is blowing, it's like a breath of fresh air being able to open the windows and enjoy a slightly chilly day..

Peter and Drew are working in the garage today.. Drew wanted Peter to teach him about woodworking, so they're making a very special gift for his Mom for Mother's Day.. This is something he's wanted to do for a few months now, but finally decided it was time.. Hey, he's only 10, but he's the best! I know Christine, she is going to be so surprised and I'm sure she'll start to cry knowing her 1st born actually hand crafted his own gift..:)

Other then that, I'll be making up Kits to start sending out to my Design Team for next month's Scrapbooking Kit Club, and I have a few orders to fill as well.. Then I'll be hosting a crop at my house from 6pm to 12 midnight.. There's a party of 12 women coming over to make their pages for their Scrapbooks, and they'll be creating accordian books from a class I'm teaching them.. This is something I really enjoy, we have so much fun doing these classes, and the women have a great time.. They've made a schedule with me to teach them classes once a month for the next 6 months..:) I really think they love the shopping in the homes studio, because it's set up like a store, and it's convenient for them as Isn't that right Lisa? Lisa is the biggest shopper, I swear she buys me out of a house and home when she's here.. But, I love her anyway..:)

That's about all for now, so have a GREAT weekend!

Friday, April 21, 2006


This has been a very long week for Peter and I. We had an open house on Tuesday for the Real Estate brokers, and we finally finished everything we needed to do in the house except for the garage and loft, but I think I'm going to leave this for him to take care of..:) After all, it is his personal work shop for his business, and only if you could see all the saw dust, OMG it's a All in all, I'll be waiting for a phone call today for a schedule of open houses we're going to do on weekends, so hopefully it will market the house to the fullest.. The one thing I'm looking forward too, is going to Maine these weekends.. It will give Peter and I a chance to get away and look at properties in the area we want to move too.. I do have to say, it's so BEAUTIFUL there, and the excitment is starting to show, finally!

After work today we're going to pick up our Godsons for the weekend. They are so much fun to be with.. Drew is the older of the boys and he's turning into such a young man right before my eyes, and Christian is right behind him.. It feels like yesterday that they came into the world, and now Drew is almost as tall as I am.. It's amazing how fast the time goes by, but it also puts things into perspective, life is to be lived and not forgotten.. If you let a day pass without enjoying yourself in one way or another, life itself will just pass you by before you know it.

Enjoy you weekend everyone! I know I am..:)

Thanks to all the Women who make my day!

Yes, that's right! I have an amazing amount of repect for all the women, who've not only helped in making my business the way it is, but also for their friendships. So, incase you're wondering who I'm talking about, it's ALL the women who have made their second home at The Memory Safe!

If you ever need a pick me up or a good laugh, then this is the place to go.. They all have amazing spirits, and they're always there for you, no matter what..

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Monday Everyone...

Now that Easter is over and things are calming down a little in my household maybe I'll have some time to finally sit back and relax a little..

Peter and I are trying to sell our house so we can move to Maine and have our log cabin built, so it's been real crazy trying to get everything in order. But, it's all finally falling into place..

On top of that, we both have full time jobs and our own businesses so we're trying to keep that going as well, but let me tell you, it isn't easy.. Thank God we support each other the way we do otherwise everything would fall to pieces..

Most of all, I have a Scrapbooking business that I sell monthly kits, and supplies, and I also have a forum with women that are totally awesome.. No matter was is happening in my life, they are always so supportive and understanding.. I know when I'm feeling a little down, or if I fell I can't take much more, all I have to do is go to the message board to get a daily lift in spirits.. They can make you smile with just a hello..:)

I truly am, the luckiest women alive, thanks to my family and friends..
Well, this is my first post to my new blog..:)

Hopefully this will become a place that I visit often, and that I'm able to express my everyday thoughts about My World!